Wonderful Photos of 20 Great 1980s Classic Cars

Chevrolet Corvette C4 (1984)
Ferrari 288 GTO (1984)
Ford Thunderbird (1983-1988)
Honda CRX Si (1988)
Mazda RX-7 (1988)
Mercedes-Benz 190E (1984)
Morris Ital (1984)
Morris Ital Estate (1984)
Morris Ital SL (1984)
Morris Ital SLX (1984)
Nissan MID4 (1985-1987)
Rover Vitesse (1984)
Toyota Cressida (1982-1984)
Triumph Acclaim (1984)
Triumph Acclaim CD (1984)
Austin Ambassador (1984)
Austin Metro HLE (1984)
Austin Metro Turbo (1984)
Austin Metro Vanden Plas (1984)
Austin Mini Mayfair (1984)

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