40 Amazing Photos Showing Life in Ondo, Nigeria, 1982

Ondo City is the second largest city in Ondo State, Nigeria. It is the trade center for the surrounding region. Yams, cassava, grain, and tobacco are grown. Cotton is also grown, and is used to weave cloth called Aso Oke fabric.

Ondo City is also the largest producer of cocoa products in the region.

The title of the king of the town, who reigns as a direct descendant of the fabled Emperor Oduduwa, is “Osemawe”. The present reigning monarch is Dr. Adesimbo Victor Kiladejo, who was crowned in September 2006 following the death of the former king, Dr. Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye.

These amazing photos show everyday life at Yaba Street, Ondo, Nigeria in 1982.


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