35 Amazing Photos of Celebrities From the 1960s and 1970s

After having been fashion photographer, John French’s, assistant, David Bailey begins the 1960s with a contract with Vogue and rapidly becomes a leading figure of the Swinging London scene, chronicling the unrestricted existences of models and musicians.

Although he admits being fascinated by the Renaissance art and the painter, Caravaggio, the British photographer favors minimalist, mostly black and white frontal depictions of his sitters. With images that clearly evoke the sex, drugs and rock n’roll spirit of the decade, David Bailey also finds women he loved in his celebrity pack, from model Jean Shrimpton to Catherine Deneuve but also Anjelica Huston and Penelope Tree.

The photographer continues to mischievously capture contemporary figures such as Kate Moss who has become an illustrious successor of the Swinging Sixties, always revealing a certain kind of eccentricity in them, even when he portrays the Queen Elisabeth II whom we have so rarely seen smile so frankly.

Mick Jagger, 1964
Andy Warhol, 1965
John Lennon 1965
John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1965
Julie Christie, 1969
Leslie Caron, 1965
Margaret Thatcher, 1975
Marianne Faithfull, 1964
Mia Farrow, 1967
Michael Caine, 1964
Jean Shrimpton, 1965
The Rolling Stones, 1964
Rudolf Nureyev, 1965
Sue Murray, 1967
Tania Mallet, 1964
Nicole de la Marge, 1967
Catherine Deneuve, 1965
Cecil Beaton and Rudolf Nureyev, 1965
Man Ray, 1968
Paul McCartney, 1965
Jean Shrimpton, 1969
Jeanne Moreau, 1964
Alice Cooper, 1972
April Ashley, 1961
Andy Warhol and Penelope Tree, 1960s
David Hockney, 1969
Jean Luc Godard, 1968
Brigitte Bardot, 1967
Twiggy, 1960s
Anna Karina, 1965
Françoise Dorleac, 1965
Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1971
Jane Holzer, 1965
Sue Murray, 1968
Jean Shrimpton, 1964

(Photos by David Bailey)


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