64 Fantastic Vintage Photos Showing French Punk Culture During the 1980s

The story of Punk Rock has become a decidedly British affair, through its many retellings, with the Sex Pistols providing its Anarchy in the UK strapline as well as its chief emblem – the Queen with a safety-pinned face.

Sure, the Americans got in first musically with their scene at venerated New York punk club CBGB – where bands like Blondie, Television and The Ramones were on stage from as early as 1974 – but the social impact of British punk was more profound and its ramifications more lasting.

There is, though, another essential part of the story that has been forgotten by all but the staunchest connoisseur, and that is the contribution of the French.

And because of the internet, we can now see what was taking place in France during the 1980s when it came to Punk Rock. Check out these portraits of French Punks living their lives in the wake of nuclear war!


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