44 Wonderful Photos Showing Bedroom Interior of 1950s and ’60s American Hotels

A cool photo collection shows what bedroom interior of American hotels looked like in the 1950s and 1960s.

Astro Motel, Glendale, California
Beachleys Motel, Barneveld, New York
Clark’s New Beach Motel, New York
Cliff House & Motel, Bald Head Cliff, Ogunquit, Maine
Country Club Motor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Crestwood Motel, Detroit, Michigan
Delux Motel, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Downtowner Motel bridal suite, Boise, Idaho
Edgewood Resort room, Alexandria Bay, New York
Gondolier Motel, Wildwood, New Jersey
Hanalei Plantation, Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii
Harolds Pony Express Motel, Reno, Nevada
Herkimer Motel, Herkimer, New York
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California
Hotel Hana, Maui, Hawaii
Hotel room with 2 beds at the Hy-Sa-Na Lodge in Ferndale, New York
Inn of Tomorrow Motel, California
Irvington Motor Lodge, Irvington, New Jersey
Kirby’s Motel room 18, Rochester, New York
Kirby’s Motel room 23, Rochester, New York
Larson’s Court Motel, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Ledge Rock Motel, Wilmington, New York
Lincoln Motel, Liberty, New York
Little America Motel, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Little America Motel, Salt Lake City,Utah
Little America, Flagstaff, Arizona
Lodge of the Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Missouri
Magnolia Motel, Knoxville, Tennessee
Melody Manor Motel, Bolton Landing, New York
Pedro’s South of the Border Motel, South Carolina
Penn Hills Lodge, Analomink, Pennsylvania
Quiet Haven Motel, Ronks, Pennsylvania
Reber’s Hotel, Barryville, New York
Red Apple Motel, Tuxedo, New York
Royal Lahaina Hotel, Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii
Smilow-Thielle bedroom suite, New York
Travel Haven Motel, Cleveland, Ohio
Travel Inn Motel, Eugene, Oregon
Travel lodge in Las Vegas
Tuckahoe Motel, Yonkers, New York
University Hotel room, Kansas City, Kansas
Village Inn, Gilbertsville, Kentucky
Wendell Phillips Motel, St. Petersburg, Florida
White Cliffs of Plymouth Motel, Plymouth, Massachusetts

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