35 Amazing Mugshots From the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was a golden era for criminals when rapid societal change led to the opening up of new illicit markets for entrepreneurial felons. Fast times bred new crimes creating policing challenges ranging from reckless joyriders to the emergence of the Mafia and razor gangs.

New South Wales Police Department photographers captured the zeitgeist of the era in these unexpectedly candid mug shots of cocaine sellers and addicts, sly-grog purveyors and small-time criminals, who frequented the cells of the Central Police Station in Sydney.

Hampton Hirscham, Cornellius Joseph Keevil, William Thomas O’Brien & James O’Brien, 1921
Herbert Ellis, 1920
William Frederick Long, circa 1920
Eugenia Falleni, 1920
Gilbert Cochrane Burleigh & Joseph Delaney, 1920
“Silent Tom” Richards and T Ross, 1920
Augustine ‘Gus’ Gracey & Edgar ‘Eddie’ Dalton, 1920
Thomas William Gunn, William Carl Neilson & Albert Alfred Beck, circa 1921
Frederick Edward Davies, 1921
John Walter Ford and Oswald Clive Nash, 1921
Clara Brooks, 1922
Ernest Joseph Coffey, 1922
Patrick Riley, 1922
George ‘the Midnight Raper’ Wallace, 1922
Henry Marchant, 1922
John Daniel ‘Snowy’ Cutmore, 1922
Joseph Messenger, 1922
Cameron McIntosh Bean, 1922
William Cahill, 1923
Alex Westland Robertson, 1923
Sydney Skukerman, or Skukarman, 1924
Nancy Cowman, 1924
Eileen May Burt, 1924
Guiseppe Fiori, 1924
Sidney ‘Kicker’ Kelly, 1924
Antonius Jacobus Francisco Zetto, circa 1924
Jean Dawson, 1926
William Stanley Moore, 1926
Thomas Craig, Raymond Neil, William Thompson and FW Wilson, 1928
Fay Watson, 1928
Olga Anderson, 1929
Frank Murray, 1929
Edna May Lindsay, 1929
Athol Smith, 1929
Alison McCann, 1929

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