50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1950s Volume 11

The 1950s (pronounced nineteen-fifties; commonly abbreviated as the “Fifties” or the ” ’50s”) (among other variants) was a decade that began on January 1, 1950, and ended on December 31, 1959.

Throughout the decade, the world continued its recovery from World War II, aided by the post-World War II economic expansion. The period also saw great population growth with increased birth rates and the emergence of the baby boomer generation. Despite this recovery, the Cold War developed from its modest beginnings in the late 1940s to a heated competition between the Soviet Union and the United States by the early 1960s. The ideological clash between communism and capitalism dominated the decade, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, with conflicts including the Korean War in the early 1950s, the Cuban Revolution, the beginning of the Vietnam War in French Indochina, and the beginning of the Space Race with the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957. Along with increased testing of nuclear weapons (such as RDS-37 and Upshot–Knothole), the tense geopolitical situation created a politically conservative climate. In the United States, a wave of anti-communist sentiment known as the Second Red Scare resulted in Congressional hearings by both houses in Congress. The beginning of decolonization in Africa and Asia also took place in this decade and accelerated in the following decade. (Wikipedia)

Steve McQueen in his 1957 Jaguar XKSS.
Marilyn Monroe in her cat-eye glasses, 1950s.
Little girl wearing Mickey Mouse ear hat sending a postcard to her family in Disneyland, Anaheim, California, 1957.
Kid deep in latest news, 1953.
Dale Strickland, 5, carries his puppy in the flood, Pico Rivera, February 25, 1958.
An Italian girl filling her motorcycle with gasoline, 1950s.
Charlton Heston riding a scooter during filming of Ben Hur, 1959.
Marilyn Monroe in ‘Monkey Business’, 1952.
Two models on a “Don’t Walk” sign, New York City, 1958
Fisherman’s Wharf window reflection, Seattle, Washington, 1958.
Central Park, New York, 1956.
Man and Woman Smoking, NYC, 1959.
Grace Kelly in 1954
Little girl making a flag, 1950s.
Shy kid with glasses, Paris, 1956.
Dad helps tie his girl shoes, 1954.
The watchers, 1950.
The salesman, Naples, Italy, 1958.
Times Square, 1952.
Cinema in the outskirts of Naples, Italy, 1956.
Boy and his puppy, 1950s.
Boy with his kitten, 1953.
Children playing with an old tire on the streets of Salford, Manchester, 1951.
The polio vaccine, developed by Jonas Salk, was made available to the public, 1956.
Late night TV show legend, Johnny Carson reads a story to his three sons, Chris, Cory, and Richard, 1955.
Children singing in a snow cave, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, 1956.
Little girl and her dog, 1950
Watching over the ancient marble statue “Aphrodite of Milos” or better known as the Venus de Milo at the Louvre Museum in Paris, 1954.
Men taking a smoko during construction of Auckland Harbour Bridge, 1959.
The New York skyline at night, 1954.
Alfred Hitchcock poses with the 4-foot prop phone used for the close-up shots in his film, “Dial M for Murder,” 1954.
A boy proudly shows off his ray gun, 1950s
Momma Jayne Mansfield posing on Vine Street with her oldest child Jayne Marie Mansfield, 1953.
The Marine and the kitten, 1953. Sergeant Frank Praytor feeding the orphan kitten he named ‘Mis Hap’ that he saved during the Korean War.
Walt Disney stands in front of the unfinished ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’ in 1955.
Best friends, 1950
Playing in the snow in the driveway, Warren, Ohio, 1951.
Two children on a bank in Alabama, 1956.
Choosing Tabu perfume from a coin-operated ‘Perfumatic’ vending machine, 1952.
Dinner and a movie, dining in the car at a drive-in movie theater in 1952.
Here are stacks of 4.5 megabytes of data in 62,500 punched cards in 1955.
In 1956, Elvis Presley gave his mother this pink Cadillac.
Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor Shigeki Tanaka won the Boston Marathon in 1951.
Manhattan Beach in 1957
Model Frances Richards smokes a pack of cigarettes all on one cigarette holder, 1955
Laurel and Hardy sitting in a pub in a small village in England chatting with the locals, Christmas, 1952
Cigarettes were promoted by doctors until the early 1950s
1951 Buick LeSabre.
New York, September 1952.
Watching Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, 1951.

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