Street Scenes of Berlin During the 1920s

The Golden Twenties was a vibrant period in the history of Berlin, Germany, Europe and the world in general. After the Greater Berlin Act the city became the third largest municipality in the world and experienced its heyday as a major world city.

Berlin was known for its leadership roles in science, the humanities, music, film, higher education, government, diplomacy, industries and military affairs.

Berlin in the 1920s also proved to be a haven for English writers such as W. H. Auden, Stephen Spender and Christopher Isherwood, who wrote a series of ‘Berlin novels’, inspiring the play I Am a Camera, which was later adapted into a musical, Cabaret, and an Academy Award winning film of the same name. Spender’s semi-autobiographical novel The Temple evokes the attitude and atmosphere of the time.

Take a look at these amazing photos to see what Berlin looked like during the 1920s.

Bakery, Berlin
Berlin Alexanderplatz railway station
Berlin children
Berlin fashionable ladies
Berlin horse cab
Berlin Mühlendamm Spree
Berlin Potsdamer Platz
Berlin street advertising
Berlin street scenes
Berlin street sweeper
Berlin street theatre
Berlin Zoologischer Garten railway station
Briquette supplier, Berlin
Buckow riding school, Berlin
Charlottenstrasse, Berlin

Communists at the Reichstag, Berlin
Counter-revolutionaries at the side entrance of the Reichstag
Ephraim Palace, Berlin
Fassanenstrasse, Berlin
Frankfurter Allee, Berlin
Friedrichsgracht, Berlin
Friedrichstrasse railway station, Berlin
Hardenbergstrasse, Berlin
Hotel Excelsior, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Kronenstrasse, Berlin
Leipziger Strasse, Berlin
Oranienplatz, Berlin
Pariser Platz, Berlin
Potsdamer Platz riots, Berlin
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.
Riots at Unter den Linden & Friedrichstraße, Berlin
Schicklerstrasse, Berlin
Spree townhouse – Krögel, Berlin
Stettiner Bahnhof railway station, Berlin
Street scenes in Wedding, Berlin
Tauentzienstrasse, Berlin
The Kurfürstenbrücke, Berlin
The painter, Berlin
Tricycle racing, Berlin
Unter den Linden riots, Berlin
Unter den Linden-Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
Unter den Linden, Berlin
Unter den Linden, Berlin
Unter den Linden, Berlin
Vegetable seller, Berlin
Waisenstrasse, Berlin
Wilhelmstrasse panzer car with soldiers of the ‘Kappisten’, Berlin
Wilhelmstrasse, Berlin
Zeppelin at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

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