50 Amazing Colorized Photos of World War 1

Troops of the British 57th and 59th Divisions (XI Corps) entering Lille, France. October 18, 1918.
New Zealanders at Pont-a-Pierres, Beaudignies in France, moving wounded German soldiers onto stretchers. 2 November 1918
Soldiers pose for the camera outside their tents.
A soldier poses for a photo on the front line.
German and Canadian wounded receive hot coffee and biscuits from a YMCA hut near the front lines. November 24, 1917
Soldiers of the 5th London Rifle Brigade with German Saxon regimental troops during the truce at Ploegsteert, Belgium.
Christmas of 1914.
A German prisoner helps British wounded make their way to a dressing station near Bernafay Wood following fighting on Bazentin Ridge – Battle of the Somme. 19 July 1916
German AV-7 tank “Adalbert” with two of its crew being transported upon a railway flat car. Spring 1918
Soldiers of an Australian 4th Division field artillery brigade on a duckboard track passing through Chateau Wood, near Hooge in the Ypres salient, 29 October 1917.
Two German soldiers in a farm house in Gouzeaucourt, France in 1915. The large village was occupied by the Germans until the British managed to invade it in early 1917
Russian soldiers on the Eastern Front take aim in a trench while wearing chlorine gas masks.
A carrier pigeon being released from a port-hole in the side of a tank near Albert, during the Battle of Amiens, 9 August 1918.
Two Australian Soldiers relaxing under an ‘Elephant Iron’ shelter at Westhoek Ridge, Flanders, Belgium. Sept. 1917
American medics of the 103rd and 104th Ambulance Companies give medical attention to wounded German prisoners. Sept. 1918
German prisoners captured in the battle of Menin Road Ridge wait their turn to be vaccinated at Locre in Belgium. Sept. 1917
A British wounded and German prisoner sharing a cigarette at a 21st Division Advanced Dressing Station, near Épehy, Somme. Sept. 1918
Troops of the 52nd (Lowland) Division with captured German MG 08/15 machine guns. In Quéant, a commune in the Pas-de-Calais. 6 September 1918.
An Australian dressing station on the Menin Road during the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), 20 September 1917.
Leutnant Werner Voss, Staffelführer of Jasta 10 in his Fokker F.1, September 1917. (KIA 23/9/17 aged 20)
A Canadian miner resting after a heavy night’s work, 1918
An exhausted British soldier asleep in a front line trench at Thiepval, Somme. September 1916.
A Lewis gun is manned by Indian troops in Mesopotamia in 1918.
New Zealand soldiers prepare to fire a cannon in Le Quesnoy, France in 1918.
Battle of the Drocourt-Quéant Line. Mule in a limber team collapsed after being hit by a shell splinter near the village of Remy. 2 September 1918
German MG 08 anti-aircraft machine gun post set up in a shell hole.
Flanders Front, September 1917
A German A7V Sturmpanzerwagen (Nº504 “Schnuck”) captured by the New Zealand Division at Frémicourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais on the 31 August 1918 (photo taken 18/9/18).
A soldier with the Royal Engineers Signals Section putting a message into the cylinder attached to the collar of a dog at the Central Depot of the Messenger Dog Service at Étaples-sur-Mer. 28 August 1918
Stretcher-bearers (SB) of the 6th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders asleep. 29 August 1918
Troops of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry who captured this trench during the Battle of Messines, 11th June 1917. They are wearing German helmets or caps.
A British Chaplain saying a prayer over a dying German, near Epehy in France, 18 September 1918.
Wounded of the 27th Brigade, 9th Division, at a regimental aid post near Meteren following the formation’s successful attack on Outtersteene Ridge, 18 August 1918.
A Scots Guardsman giving a wounded German prisoner a drink. Near Courcelle-le-Comte. 21 August 1918
Battle of Amiens.
British and German wounded at a dressing station of the 58th (London) Division near Chipilly, Somme. 10 August 1918
An Australian Artillery gunner minding a baby outside his billet in Adinkerke, Belgium. 6 August 1917
German prisoners carrying a wounded Canadian 3rd Division soldier to the rear during the second day of the Battle of Amiens. 9 August 1918
British soldier giving a cigarette to a badly wounded German lying in a ditch at Pilckem. The Battle of Pilckem Ridge. 31 July 1917
Stokes (3-inch) 81mm Light Infantry Mortar team in action during the 100 days offensive in 1918.
Members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment having some ice cream in Ayr, Scotland. July 1915
Gunners of the Royal Garrison Artillery moving an 8-inch howitzer Mark V into position during the Battle of the Somme at Becordel, July 1916.
Canadian 42nd Battalion – The Royal Highlanders of Canada (Black Watch) resting in Grand Place, Mons, Belgium.
British troops survey the battle scene in France.
A group of Australian and New Zealander soldiers with motorcycles at Gallipoli in 1915
Indian bicycle troops during the Battle of the Somme which took place between 1 July and 18 November 1916 on both sides of the upper reaches of the River Somme in France. More than three million men fought in the battle and one million men were wounded or killed.
Canadian soldiers in the Battle of Amiens during the First World War in August 1918.
British troops in a captured German trench with a sign reading Old Hun Line at Serre, March 1917.
Indian troops serving the British Empire on the western Front.
German sailors pose for a photo on a U-boat before battle.
Irish soldiers in a trench at Mesopotamia.
The 50th Aero Squadron in Clermont-en-Argonne Airdrome, France in 1918.
American engineers marching though the village of Nonsard-Lamarche during the battle of St. Mihiel. September 12-19th, 1918.

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