31 Remarkable Color Photos Showing Everyday Life of Soldiers During WWII

Belgian soldiers after surrendering German troops 1940
British soldiers captured in Dunkirk square, France, 1940
German troops marching through Paris, June 14th 1940
Messerschmitt Bf-110E Zerstorer after returning from combat flight, 1940
German soldiers in North Africa, 1941
American soldiers and sailors unloading ammunition and stores on the shore of Guadalcanal, 1942
Hungarian army on a street in occupied Belgorod, Russia, 1942.
Hungarian 29M 8 cm 80-mm anti-aircraft gun during the war, Stary Oskol part of Kursk region, now part of Belgorod region, Russia, 1942
Hungarian soldier with cart of wood near the village of Ivanovka Hohol’skogo district of Voronezh region, Russia, 1942
Hungarian soldiers transported by cart, Soviet eastern front, 1942
Hungarian soldiers with a captured Soviet Voroshilovets heavy artillery tractor, 1942
Rearming guns on a RAF P-400 Airacobra from 601 Squadron, 1942
40-mm automatic anti-aircraft gun at Finnish airfield, Leningradskaya oblast, August 26, 1943
Hungarian Pilot climbs into cockpit of a Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4, 1943
Women with children in a courtyard in one of the occupied village of the Belgorod region, Russia, 1943
5 Rangers battalion in a troop ship LCA before departure to Normandy, Weymouth, England, 5 June 1944
British fighter pilot and his best friend, Bazenville, Normandy, France, July 1944
Canadian soldiers in the destroyed town of Falaise, August 1944
Landing craft preparing for the landings in Normandy, Weymouth, June 1944
US Gunners prepare 76mm anti-tank gun (3 inch Gun M5) for transportation in preparation for Operation Overlord, June 1944
US Soldiers in the English village during tactical exercises in preparation for Operation Overlord, 18 April 1944
US Soldiers playing darts, whilst waiting for loading on ships, before the beginning of Operation Overlord, England, June 1944
USN LCT (1st Infantry Division) before Operation Overlord, at Weymouth, England, 05 June 1944
USN LST 13, 4th June 1944
Typhoon Mk-IB, RCAF, 1945
Canadian trucks with QF 25 pounder in the square of the French city of Rouen (Rouen Cathedral in the distance)
Children in the occupied village of Belgorod region and German soldiers next to the horse
German pilots with peasant and oxen at one of the airports in Bulgaria
Mountain soldiers of Wehrmacht troops relax on the sun loungers at a hunting lodge
Ready for D Day, Falmouth, England, 1944
Servicing a Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

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