30 Amazing Photos of Female Partisans and Resistance Fighters During World War II

Role of women in organized opposition to the German occupiers of France and the Vichy Regime during World War II. The French Resistance, in which women played an integral role, consisted of various forms of opposition to Nazi and pro-Nazi rule in occupied and Vichy France during World War II.

Resistance against the Nazis and their collaborators took many forms. Besides armed combat, resisters collected and disseminated information and resistance-oriented news; they protected and hid fugitives and downed Allied pilots; and they obtained and transported messages, weapons, and news, planted explosives, assassinated Nazi officials, and provided support and logistical services. Women from all social, religious, and political affiliations became involved in the various activities of the resistance groups. These women, like men, joined the resistance for various reasons including their patriotic or political views, religious or ethical principles, or even due to a desire for adventure.

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