52 Amazing Colorized Photos of the German Army During World War 1

A collection of colorized photos from Frédéric Duriez that shows German forces during the First World War.

Flamethrower pioneers of Assault Battalion No. 5 (Rohr)
9 cm Batterie Hoffman in Fuerstellung, Ersatz Btn.44
101st Grenadier Saxon, 1914
A German mortar section with horse-drawn transport moving through wooded country on the Montdidier – Noyon sector of the front, June 1918
A sharp 1918 field portrait of a young sergeant from an unidentified Saxon formation
A young Bavarian infantryman
Angres, France, 1916
Anonymous Portrait of an officer of a German cuirassier regiment
Boche prisoners captured by Canadians on Hill 70 are paraded through town, August, 1917
Bringing wounded down an awkward slope, Advance East of Arras, October 1918
Captured railway guns at Mont-Notre-Dame, 7 km west of Fismes and 19km southeast of the city of Soissons in northern France, 1918
Fabulous example of an emergency bridge build by ski-troops of the Alpenkorps, 1915
Fliegerabteilung Nr. 260 Lichtbild Artillerie (air reconnaissance)
French and British soldiers standing around a German A7V tank captured at Villers-Brettoneux, May 1918
German infantryman in the middle of the damaged or destroyed buildings of the village, Etricourt, France
German military aerodrome
German prisoner captured by the British, Battle of Ypres road to Menin – End September 1917
German prisoners arriving from Tilloloy. In the foreground a machine gun, Labuissière (Somme), August 18, 1918
German prisoners at Mareuil, July 1918
German prisoners at work ( beef drivers pause then plowing in a field)
German prisoners captured during the offensive of July, near Villers-Bretonneux (Somme), July 30, 1916
German Red Cross
German soldier recently captured by Canadians, July 1917
German soldier with gas mask
German soldiers supervising Belgian civilians employees road repair, Belgium, 1916
German troops loading for transport to the front, 1915
German troops stationed in front of the ‘Palais des Princes-Évêques’ of Liège in 1914
German uniform during World War I
Portrait of a great and stylish German soldier, probably taken on the Eastern Front
In the park, a German corpse, Plesier Roye ( Plessis de Roye – France , Somme ), April 2, 1918
Kurhessisches Pionier-Bataillon Nr.11
Landsturmmmann Leopold Schmälter, Preußisches Landwehr Infanterie Regiment 15, III. Bataillon, 11. Kompagnie, August 1917
Medical staff in the shade of the willows, 1918
Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank) during the First Word War in 1917. He fought for Germany. Of the eight people who hid in the Annex, only Otto Frank survived the arrest and genocide
Portrait of a German officer (Artillery), 1917
Portrait of Ernst Jünger, a highly decorated German soldier, author, and entomologist who became publicly known for his World War I memoir ‘Storm of Steel’
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prisoners, Vimy, 1917
Prussian infantryman from the 93rd Reserve Infanterie Regiment
‘Remembering the time when I was severely wounded during an air-raid in France on 25.04. 1917. Dominikus Müller’
Retreat of German troops, Echternach, November 1918
Saint Chamond Char captured by the Germans
The Battle of the Menin Road Ridge. Two wounded Germans, one showing the newly dressed wound in his leg, at a dressing station at Zillebeke, 20 September 1917
The ship’s diver
Two Fokker Dr.Is marked with the yellow cowlings and tails of Royal Prussian Jasta 27 are readied for takeoff at Halluin-Ost aerodrome in May 1918
Western Front, German A7V tanks drive through a village near Rheims in 1918
Young German prisoners at Mareuil, July 1918

(Photos colorized by Frédéric Duriez)

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