43 Amazing Colourized Photographs Of Canadian Soldiers During The Great War

When the Great War Broke out in August 1914, the population of Canada was fewer than eight million. Over 60,000 Canadians died fighting in a war not even declared by Parliament in Ottawa but at Westminster in London. Canada employed three official photographers between 1916 and 1918—Captain Harry Knobel, Captain William Ivor Castle, and Lieutenant William Rider-Rider. Together they produced over 4000 photographs of Canadians at war printed in newspapers, sold as souvenirs, and put on exhibition. Vimy Foundation has colorized some photographs from Word War 1. These photos have been drawn from the vast archival collection at Library and Archives Canada and local archives across the country such as the City of Toronto Archives, the Glenbow Museum and Archives, the City of Vancouver Rooms in Newfoundland, and the Nova Scotia Archives.

German prisoners carrying Canadian wounded advance east of Arras, August 1918
Nova Scotians Returning to camp after a game of baseball, February 1918
Three Canadian Soldiers In A German dug out captured during the Canadian advance east of Arras.
Canadian pioneers carrying trench mats with wounded and prisoners in background during the battle of Passchendaele.
A little french paper boy selling papers in Canadian line, June 1917.
On sentry duty on a front line trench, September 1916
Sir Sam Hughes and party looking at ruins in arras, August 1916.
Communication trench, September 1916
A Burial Service At the Front Funeral of Major E.L. Knight, Eaton Motor Machine gun battery,October 1916.
Canadian testing their gas masks after heavy work in the trenches. September 1917.
Canadian pioneers at work in a wood near Vimy Ridge, August 1917.
Despatch Rider For His Majesty Pigeon Service leaving with birds for the trench, November 1917.
Canadian wounded enjoying a cup of tea at advanced dressing station during the advance East of Arras, October 1918.
Canadian Filling their water Bottles,etc. Amiens, August 1918.
Highlander cleaning his rifle, June 1916.
Battle of Amiens. Tanks Advancing . Pprisoners bring in wounded wearing gas masks, August 1918.
Gen Currie telling how Vimy Ridge was taken during a visit of Canadian journalists to the front, July 1918.
Canadians interested in Canadian Daily Record In Trenches near Lens, February 1918.
Nursing Sister at a Canadian hospital voting in the Canadian federal Election, 1917.
Canadian and German wounded help one another through the mud during the Battle of Passchendaele, November 1917.
Canadian Forestry soldiers having a skate.
Unable to ride his cycle through the mud caused by the recent storm, a Canadian messenger carries his horse, August 1917.
Telephone testing station at the front with operators at their posts, October 1916.
Canadian writing home from the line, May 1917.
Left to right, nursing sisters Mowat, McNichol and Guilbert.
Mayor of Toronto welcoming 53rd battery C.F.A after their training at Kingston.
Funeral of nursing sister G.M.M. Wake, who died of wounds received in a German air raid.
Assembly Department, British Munitions Supply Co.Ltd , Verdun, PQ.
Views Taken on Christmas day 1917 at Duchess of Connaught Red Cross Hospital, Taplow.
First world war veterans learning handicrafts under the Department of Soldiers Civil Re- Establishment, 1918.
Baseball game with bats in foreground and crowd of CEF Members in background watching. Sept 1917.
Military demonstration at Shorncliffe, Sept 1917.
Canadian Soldiers having a well deserved cup of coffee, September 1918.
Wounded Canadians taking cover behind pill box. Battle of Passchendeale, November 1917.
A Canadian about to go on leave taking his tunic to the tailor’s shop for repairs, September 1917.
Canadian in captured trenches on Hill 70, August 1917.
Tom Longboat, the Indigenous long distance runner buying a paper from a little french newspaper boy, June 1917.
Women Selling oranges to Canadian troops on their return to camp, June 1917.
A Canadian V.A.D Ambulance Driver At the Front, May 1917.
Some Wounded Canadian Present a nurse with a dog brought out of the trenches with them, October 1916.
Pack horses transporting ammunition to the 20th battery Canadian field artillery, April 1917.
Canadian soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge.
Canadian soldiers survey a destroyed German bunker during the Battle of Passchendaele, 1917.

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