40 Amazing Photos of France During the 1950s and 1960s

René Maltête (1930–2000) was a French photographer. He was inspired by playful and candid photography. He always found the way to be funny and whimsical with his art. He was interested in capturing French life and all of its characteristics.

Most of his photographs were taken on streets, capturing everyday life of French people. From sunbathing on the beach, to casual walking down the streets. But in all those everyday moments René managed to create clever images with a lot of humor. He used surroundings perfectly and told a little story on each and every of his photographs. He wasn’t afraid to touch all parts of society he lived and created like a free man. Most of his images are black and white but with his genius he painted so many minds throughout his life.

René’s pictures are based on incongruity and surprise: humor is always present, but more than just a picture, there is often a philosophical dimension. You can enjoy some of his amazing work here below.

(Photos by René Maltête)

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