50 Vintage Fashion Photos That Reveal Just How Awesome People Used To Dress

A group of kids in Chicago, 1941.
A couple show what elegance looks like. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 1975
A group of men enjoy ice cream. England, 1971.
Models in nautical-inspired clothing. 1940s.
A woman named Florette basks in the Monte Carlo sun. 1953.
Two men at a tattoo parlor. 1940s.
Two ladies stroll at the beach. Circa late 1920s.
A figure-skating man in New York City. 1937.
Harlem, New York City, 1940s.
One of London’s shopping districts. 1908.
Model Bettie Page. 1950s.
California, 1950s.
Katherine Hepburn, whom Time describes as “a woman could care about her looks and still look like herself”. 1938.
Two girls draw attention as they walk the street of Cape Town, South Africa. 1965.
Paul Newman shows how to look effortlessly cool. Venice, Italy, 1963.
Three “moga” (modern) girls stroll a street in Kageyama Koyo, Japan. 1928.
A woman shows retro elegance. Accra, Ghana, 1972.
Brigitte Bardot, 1950.
James Brown, 1967.
Mia Farrow in London, the mid-60s epicenter of fashion and pop culture. circa 1960s.
Cary Grant, 1950s.
Retro beach fashion, 1950s.
Two men in dashing daysuits, circa 1910.
Actor Toshiro Mifune. Venice, 1960.
Jamaican immigrants in Tilbury, 1948.
Audrey Hepburn in the film “Two for the Road”, 1967.
Trudy Marshall, Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, June Haver and Mary Anderson. 1944.
Marlon Brando, 1950s.
Clint Eastwood, Olive Sturgess, Dani Crayne looking good on a sunny day, San Francisco, 1954.
A swimmer demonstrates why old school is cool.
A typical 60s prom.
Natalie Wood
Models stand in line at Roosevelt Raceway, 1958.
Roy Halston Frowick, one of the most prominent American designers of his time, 1960.
Irish farmers at a pub prove that you can look good in suits and rubber boots, 1963.
Grace Kelly wears a smile with her glasses. Her timeless fashion style is constantly recreated.
Erlin Ibreck impresses with a pastel dress. London, England, 1966.
Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader while wearing a Flash Gordon shirt, 1980.
A girl models in New York City, 1956.
A boy in Boston dressed fashionably from head to toe, 1968.
James Garner, 1959.
Two women at an event in Tehran, Iran, 1960s.
A model wears an ensemble by Balenciaga for Vogue, 1963.
Londoners walking Carnaby Street, 1966.
Models pose for a 1954 issue of Vogue.
Grace Kelly at the Princely Palace of Monaco, 1962.
Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong looking royal in a silk dress, 1930s.
A model wanders Disneyland, 1961.
A model in Paris, 1950s.
Paris, France, 1951.

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