58 Amazing Portrait Photos of Canadian Soldiers during the Great War

Lieutenant Felix Olivier Bolte, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Lt Bolte died, aged 24, on 2 September 1918 on the Western Front.
Private A. Blay
Corporal Filip Konowal
47 (British Columbia) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Corporal Konowal was awarded the Victoria Cross at the Battle of Hill 70 in Lens, France for actions during 22- 24 August 1917
Lieutenant C Alvarez
32 Battalion, Canadian Infantry
William Simms
Harry Mason
Arthur and William Ware, No. 2 Construction Battalion
Charlie and Wally Gray
Carman Stothers
Frederick Maurice Watson Harvey
Three officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment: brothers Lieut. Rupert Murray Millett, MC, Lieut. Frederick Brenton Millett, MC, and Lieut. John Stanley Millett.
Lt William John Alexander Stewart, 12th Canadian Machine Gun Company July 15, 1917
A studio portrait of a Canadian infantryman whose uniform displays two wound stripes on his sleeve during World War One, circa 1918.
Lt Col LeCain, 25th Battalion
Pte. Henry Roland Garnault Agassiz
John Malcolm Walker
Rupert Hinds
Colin Greener & Charles Light
Colin Greener
George Price
James Callaghan McQuire
Captain A. Ross Robertson
Elsley Allen
Sapper Hugh C. Elliott, Royal Canadian Engineers
Lance Corporal C. Haskell
Private Louis Bender was killed 9 August 1918.
Private Leo Ferguson
Lieutenant Herbert Charles Rounds. He was killed in action on 26 August 1918.
Private A. Turner. He was killed in action on 11 April 1917 at Vimy Ridge, France.
Captain Carleton Carroll Green. He was killed in action at Courcelette on 26 September 1916 and was buried with his major and the colonel of the battalion with full military honours.
Private John M. Maley. He died in 1917.
Platoon Sergeant J. Spooner. He served with the 18th Battalion, 4th Brigade, of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was killed in action 14 November 1915.
Private Walter Conrad Schierholz. He was killed Dec. 1917.
Cadet Walter T. Philip. He enlisted at Kitchener, Ontario, in the Royal Flying Corps. He was killed in an accident at Leaside, Ontario, on 5 September 1918
Private Herbert and Corporal Fred Christian Luft

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