68 Vintage Photos of Wartime Goodbyes

British Leading Aircraftswoman Dorothy Hall, says a tearful goodbye to American soldier Sgt. John A. Babcock of the 8th Air Force before the later returned to the United States. England. 1945.
Early holiday-makers to Butlin’s Camp at Clacton, England wave goodbye to the last of the troops leaving the camp in 1946
A woman kissing a soldier goodbye before leaving for WWII in 1941. Location unspecified
Girls board a truck to go to a last dance with American soldiers. Location and date unspecified
A man, his girl, and his dog stage a poignant farewell scene in Washington. 1942.
At London’s King’s Cross station, a serviceman leans out of a train window to kiss his lover goodbye at the end of a period of leave. 1944.
Soldier of the British Coldstream-Garde says goodbye to his wife in 1935. Location unspecified.
English soldiers say goodbye to their wives in 1937. Troops heading for Egypt. Location unspecified.
Soldier consoles his weeping wife in 1944 as he says goodbye at Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after brief furlough during WWII.
A soldier’s girl kisses the boy goodbye in a 34th Street bus terminal, while another soldier cooperates by holding her up to reach him. New York. 1941.
Goodbye kiss of a marine soldier at the pier of Southampton Docks in England. 1933.
A Russian partisan in the Leningrad region kisses his mother goodbye before leaving with his detachment to fight in WWII. Date unspecified.
A soldier leans out of a carriage window to kiss his wife goodbye at Paddington station in London. 1942.
Soldiers wave farewell from a train. Brisbane, Australia. 1940.
A fond farewell for this little boy from a guardsman who is returning to duty after leave. London. 1941.
Two American soldiers say goodbye to local children with their last sticks of chewing gum. Buckden, England. 1945.
A soldier’s goodbye to his lover and to Bobby the cat during WWII. Location unspecified. Circa. 1939-1945.
The Main Body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) leaves Wellington on October 16, 1914.
Mrs. Buggins waves off her son as his troopship sails for the far east. Location unspecified. April 30, 1953
Soldier writes a farewell card home. Location unspecified. 1944.
Women say goodbye to the 69th regiment soldiers in Washington, D.C. during World War I. CIrca 1917-1918.
Women wave goodbye to troops, as they march off to WWII. England. 1939.
A couple in New York’s Penn Station share a farewell kiss in 1943 before he ships off to war during WWII.
Another couple in Penn Station in 1943 kiss goodbye before the man ships off to war during WWII.
Soldiers packed into a car wave goodbye to Camp Dix upon their mustering-out at the end of World War I in 1918.
A soldier lovingly pulls his sweetheart close as they share a final moment together before he boards his train, WWII
A sailor kisses his girl as he embarks on yet another overseas assignment during WWII.
This distraught woman clings tightly to her lover, fearing for the future as he answers the call of duty during WWII.
With a gentle touch, this man comforts the woman he leaves behind to wait for him during the war.
This couple calmly wait in their final moments together before their sad separation during WWII.
This sailor, pictured in 1941, kisses his girl goodbye as he returns to his post after the shocking Pearl Harbor attack on Dec. 7
Leaning out of train windows at Feltham Station, soldiers departing for Egypt kiss their wives and girlfriends goodbye. September 1935.
A soldier consoles his weeping wife as he says goodbye. Penn Station, New York, 1944
Farewell To Departing Troops At New York’s Penn Station, April 1943
Korean War Goodbye Kiss, Los Angeles, Sept. 6, 1950
American Soldiers Getting Last Kiss On Ship Before Deployment To Egypt, 1963
A Sailor Kissing A Nurse In New York’s Times Square. This Iconic Photo Symbolizes The End Of World War II, 1945
A Young Woman Lifts Her Feet While Embracing And Kissing A Uniformed Us Soldier At The Train Station, Connecticut, 1945
A Woman Leans Over The Railing To Kiss A British Soldier Returning From World War II, London, 1940
Jean Moore Kneels And Kisses Her Fiancé, Wheelchair-Bound World War II Veteran Ralph Neppel, 1945
Saying Goodbye At The Train Station Before Departing To WWII
A Soldier Comes Home From War, 1940s
American Soldier Kissing His English Girlfriend On Lawn In Hyde Park, 1945
English Soldiers Saying Goodbye To Their Wives, Getting Ready To Go To Egypt, 1937
An English ATS And Eighth Air Force Sergeant Enjoy A Blissful Kiss, 1945
A Sailor Leans Over A Picket Fence And Lifts His Girlfriend Up For A Kiss, 1945
A British Soldier Whispers Into The Ear Of A Loved One As He Leaves For The Front, 1939
Saying Farewell To Departing Troops At New York’s Penn Station, April 1943
US Soldier Tenderly Kissing His Girlfriend Goodbye Before Departing By Train, 1922
A Girl Climbs To Say Her Goodbye To A Soldier Going Off To Fight In World War II, 1940
A British Soldier Kisses His Wife On His Return From Serving With The Armed Forces, 1945
Couple In Penn Station Sharing Farewell Kiss Before He Ships Off To War, 1943
Servicemen And Downtown Workers Embrace And Kiss In The Street As Word Of Surrender Flashed Through The Nation, 1945
A Kiss In Times Square Displays The Mood Of The World On V-E Day, New York, May 8, 1945
A Member Of The 1st Battalion Of The Manchester Regiment During A Quayside Reunion At Southampt Before The Unit Moves Onto Egypt
A Soldier Saying Goodbye To His Wife In Seattle, Leaving For World War I, 1917
An American Soldier And A Frenchwoman Kissing In A Picture That Raised Eyebrows After Appearing In Life Magazine, 1944
Soldier Is Welcomed Home At Long Beach Airport, 1945
Saying Farewell To Departing Troops At New York’s Penn Station, April 1943
Soldier Kissing A Red Cross Nurse, 1945
D. Brown Kissing Her Fiance Terry Under The Mistletoe, On Board The HMS Wakeful At Portsmouth, 1955
Evacuated French Troops Relax On An English Beach
Actress Martha O’driscoll Kisses A Soldier Goodbye In Los Angeles, 1941
Kissing Their Lovers Goodbye, Toronto, 1914
Comrades Heckle Soldier Kissing His Girlfriend Goodbye Before Leaving Waterloo Station, London, 1939
A British Tommie Bestows A Last Kiss Upon His Rhineland Sweetheart As His Detachment Leaves For England As They Evacuate Germany. Konigstein, Germany, September 1929
Husbands Kiss Their Wives After Coming Back From War, 1940s
Soldier Is Greeted With A Kiss From His Ecstatic Wife As He Comes Home From France On Christmas

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