71 Fabulous Photos of Women’s Fashion during the 1920s

Women Drinking Coffee In A Terrace Of A Cafe, Paris, 1925
French Born Actress Claudette Colbert In “The Phantom President”, 1922
Actress Adrienne Ames
Greta Garbo, In the Movie “The Torrent”, 1926
Alden Gay Wearing Pearls And A Gown Of Black And White Georgette Crepe By Chanel, 1924
Katherine Burke, Performed In The Ziegfeld Follies From 1925 To 1931
Woman Wearing Culottes And Smoking, 1928
Blues Singer Bessie Smith Poses For A Portrait In New York City, 1925
Teenaged American Actress Loretta Young Wearing A 1920s Metallic Lace Evening Dress, 1928
Silent Film Actress Colleen Moore Basically Invented The Bob, 1929
American Actress, Jean Arthur Playing Golf, 1920s
American Actresses Joan Crawford And Dorothy Sebastian Enjoys A Picnic On The Beach, 1927
A Woman Wearing A Cloche Hat Decorated With Flowers, 1927
Madeleine Vionnet In A Norman Hartnell Dress, 1924
Dancer, Singer And Actress Mary Eaton, 1921
Four Bathing Belles Shading Themselves With Parasols On The Beach At Skegness, 1926
A Model Wearing A Norman Hartnell Evening Gown, 1929
Three Well-Dressed Women, 1920s
Actress Dolores Del Rio, 1929
American Actress Nancy Carroll, 1920s
Four Ladies
Prince Otto Von Bismarck On His Wedding Day. The Bride Is Wearing A Fashionable Twenties Dress
Evelyn Brent, The Hollywood Actress, 1928
American Actress Myrna Loy In 1920s
American-Born French Dancer, Singer And Actress Josephine Baker, Hamburg, 1925
Canadian-American Actress Norma Shearer, 1920s
American Actress Carole Lombard, 1920s
American Actress And Producer Gloria Swanson, 1922
Gladys Glad, Ziegfeld Follies Showgirl
Dinarzade In A Black, Peplumed-Bodice, Velvet Dress Trimmed With Horizontal Bands Of Velvet
Actress Alice Joyce In A Straight Dress With A Sheer Beaded Overdress, 1926
Fay Wray
British Actress Dorothy Mackaill Dressed In Silk Dungarees For The Film “Party Husband”, 1920s
Hollywood Film Actress, Singer And Dancer Gilda Gray Wearing A Beaded Blue Dress, 1924
Anita Page, Film Actress Is Pictured Wearing A Stunning Striped Dress, 1920s
Actresses Marie Fitzgerald And Sonia Watson At The Make-up Mirror, 1926
Flapper Fashion At The Beginning Of 1920s
Model In Coat, Vogue,1929
A Young Bride Wearing A Train Decorated With Lace, 1927
Film Star, Mae Murray Poses In A Neglige, 1925
A Straw Hat That Is Guaranteed To Keep The Sun At Bay, Worn With A Bathing Costume, 1923
Young Woman In Piazza San Marco, 1922
American Models Marion Morehouse and Helen Lyons wearing masks
A 1920s Cloche Hat, 1929
A Women Models A Dress Of Jeanne Lanvin’s Black Fault, On 1929 In Paris, France
Actress Alden Gay Wearing A Dress By Chanel, 1924
Lee Miller, 1928. Black Tulle Evening Dress Lelong. Black Satin Pumps Delman. Jewels Marcus. In Condé Nast’s Apartment
1928 – Dorothy Sebastian, Joan Crawford, And Anita Page In The Movie “Our Dancing Daughters”
Marion Morehouse In Crepe Romain Dress By Chanel, 1926
Portrait Of Marion Davies, 1926
A Flapper In Her Bathing Suit On A Rock At The Beach, Los Angeles, 1922
A Glamorous Brunette Wearing A Matching Fringed Wrap And Dress, 1928
Woman With An Umbrella, 1921
The Actress Jeanne Eagels Taking A Break From ‘Rain’ In 1928
Two Fashionable Women, Wearing Twenties Drop-waist Dresses And Cloche Hats, 1925
American Actress Louise Brooks, 1927
American Actress Colleen Moore, As She Appeared In The 1923 Film “Flaming Youth”
Ballerina Ruth Page, Wearing An Off-The-Shoulder Dress, 1920
Actress Clara Bow, Modelling An Ideal 1920s Ensemble
Lanvin, 1927
A 1920s Evening Dress, 1925
1920s Women Fashion
American Actress Joan Crawford, 1926
Clara Bow, 1926
Hollywood Actress Marion Davies, 1920s
American Actress Eleanor Boardman Wearing A Fur-Trimmed Outfit, 1925
French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel, 1924
American Dancer Cynthia Perot Poses In A Sparkling, Sleeveless, Dress, By Jenny
A Model Wearing An Evening Dress, 1922

Debutante Maud Hyde Arrives At Buckingham Palace To Be Presented, 1924

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