50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1940s Volume 6

Girl on the street. Hollywood, California. April 1942. Many young people flock to Hollywood in hopes of becoming Hollywood Royalty, many never made it.
An Austrian boy couldn’t be more excited about his first pair of new shoes in years, 1946.
Woman and dog jumping rope, 1940s.
A French woman vents her anger towards a German POW with a kick as he is escorted to a prisoner of war collection center by French soldiers, August 28 1944.
Passing notes in class, 1944.
V-J Day celebrations, St. Louis, Missouri, 1945.
Three young women wash their clothes in Central Park during a water shortage, New York, 1949.
A crowd of men checking enormous breasts in Times Square, 1948.
2nd Armored Division soldiers sing ‘Go to town’ in Barento, France, 1944.
Performing swimmers apply lipstick underwater in Florida, 1940s.
American and Soviet soldiers with bombs. USSR, 1944.
A young girl petting a donkey, November 1944.
Lounge section of dining car, Erie Railroad Company, 1949.
Australian Imperial Force troops waving from troop-train carriage, 13 September 1940.
British women working during wartime, November 27, 1942.
An opium den in Singapore, 1941.
Two Scottish soldiers in Italy, 1944.
Vivien Leigh in the 1941 movie “That Hamilton Woman.”
Times Square in the Rain, New York, March 1943.
Un Regard Oblique, 1948.
Wartime cycle taxi in Copenhagen. 1940s
A British soldier hiding from the rain under an overturned Tiger tank. Italy, 1944.
‘The Gangster’ Movie Billboard at Times Square, New York City, 1947.
A woman who survived the Nagasaki bombing, 1945.
U.S. soldiers on Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycles, equipped with unloaded Thompson submachine guns during WWII.
A young girl in a blue dress and straw hat sits next to a lamb on a stack of hay, 1940s.
French actress Simone Simon in the 1944 movie “The Curse of the Cat People.”
Hedy Lamarr, 1941
Tree felling contest at the Tillamook County Fair, Oregon in 1941.
Tourists in the Statue of Liberty’s Crown, 1947.
Portrait of two dignified children from Cuzco, Peru, 1948.
Norma Jeane (later Marilyn Monroe) dressed in her magazine covers, 1946.
Strand Theatre, Broadway, New York 1940.
A German shepherd is accepted for sentry duty by the Coast Guard, January 1941.
A young woman on roller skates and her soldier honey, 1940s.
Land girls, 1940s.
A model wearing the Dior New Look at the Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1947.
US military policemen read a newspaper report about German surrender, May 1945.
Leningrad maestro saves his double bass, 1940s.
Indignant woman, Paris, 1948.
Servicemen pose with girls hired by the photographer in New York City, 1944.
Tap dancing class at Iowa State College, 1942.
Two members of the Militors, an all-women paramilitary organisation, Melbourne, Australia, 1941.
Three girls skate home from school, past blocks of houses destroyed by Allied air raids, Essen, Germany, February 14, 1949.
Beautiful woman sunbathing with a baby, 1940s.
Meeting of a 4-H club, the Montpelier Center Girls, where girls learn how to cook and sew economically during time of war, 1942.
Housewives wearing gas masks during the Blitz on London showed the country’s stubborn resistance, 1940s.
Singing cowboy Gene Autry visiting children patients at Bellevue Hospital, NYC, 1946
Getting a tattoo in 1942.
Two boys playing see-saw, UK, 1940s

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