50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1940s Volume 7

Woman wearing Rennee’s formal nudity fashions, 1946.
Zookeeper giving hippo bundle of hay, 1947.
Postwoman during wartime in England, 1942.
Demolition of the Boulevard apartment block to prepare for the construction of the War Office, Washington, D.C., 1940
Gym class, 1940.
Have donut holes gotten smaller down through the years? This compelling vintage chart says yes.
A women’s bowling team poses on the front of Chevrolet in a showroom, San Francisco, California, 1945
New Yorker reads headline “Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris.” May 18, 1940.
Girls from Hoover High School stand on their heads in gymnastics class, San Diego, California, 1946.
Couple in front of their candy store in New York City, 1949.
3 year old boy in a night club at 5 in the morning on New Year’s day, New York, 1943.
Hollywood beach, Florida, 1949
A British soldier takes advantage of the opportunity to have a bath in Tobruk, Libya. 17th February 1942.
Spanish-American girl singing folk songs to her little brothers and sisters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1943.
Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 1948
Beech-nut Gum girl, Harlem, 1940.
Veronica Lake, 1944.
Walt Disney on the beach. Brazil, 1941.
Street scene in London, 1949
Bonny Ann Weber on rearing pony in Potlatch parade, Seattle, 1941
Wartime shelter festively decorated for the sleeping child’s Christmas, 1940
Nuns in snow, New York City, 1946
The children army, neighborhood children playing, Washington DC, 1942
Christmas in the Ramu Valley, New Guinea, 1943.
Backstage of Mark Foy’s fashion parade, Sydney, 1947
Newspaper photographer with women showing nylon stockings, 1942
Men in Victorian and Edwardian swimsuits, 1940s
Bathing beauties, 1944
Bowling in Denton, Texas, 1942.
The New York Times writers, 1942
Girl in the street, Cuba, 1940s.
Soldiers of the Hungarian Second Army having fun, 1942
A military policeman posing on his motorcycle in Columbus, Georgia, 1942
A woman playing badminton on a beach in Tel Aviv, 1948
Film players at the Venice Pier Fun House in 1940. As the bowl spins, people fight for leverage to stay in the center.
Orchard Street & Rivington Street, New York City, 1949.
Young girls play with their dolls seemingly unfazed by the piling shells around their homes, Munich, 1943
A dawn scene of Union Street after a night raid, Bristol, 1941
The end of WWII is celebrated in Moscow’s Red Square, May 9, 1945
A man riding a motorcycle with his two children, Munich, Germany, May 1949.
Sailors watching stocking fashion show during WWII
Piccadilly Circus, London, 1940s
Back when they called them “service stations”, 1940s.
Girls at the University of Chicago learn Jiu-jitsu, 1943
Spring break, Southern California, 1947.
Snow day, looking south on Broadway from 12th Street, Los Angeles, 1944.
Cycles and sidecars at the famous Paris restaurant Maxim’s, 1942
Family driving on motorcycle and sidecar from Omaha, Nebraska to Salt Lake City, Utah along Highway 30, July 1948.
Escaping the German raids people sleep in the London underground during the battle of Britain, 1940
Dona Drake in bikini with rifle, Los Angeles, 1942.

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