22 Fascinating Vintage Photos of Hollywood Actresses Riding Their Bikes in the 1950s

Peggy Dow, ca. 1950.
Rhonda Fleming, ca. 1950.
Rosalind Russell, ca. 1950.
Shelley Winters, ca. 1950.
Jan Sterling, ca. 1951.
Katharine Hepburn, ca. 1951.
Vera-Ellen, ca. 1951.
Ava Gardner, ca. 1952.
Valerie Carton, ca. 1953.
Lizabeth Scott, ca. 1953.
Grace Kelly, ca. 1953.
June Allyson, ca. 1954
Audrey Hepburn, ca. 1954.
Grace Kelly, ca. 1954.
Felicia Farr, ca. 1955.
Gina Lollobrigida, ca. 1955.
Elsa Martinelli, ca. 1956.
Brigitte Bardot, ca. 1956.
Jan Chaney, ca. 1957.
Carla Gravina, ca. 1958.
Dorian Leigh, ca. 1958.
Jayne Mansfield, ca. 1959.

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