15 Vintage Photos of Dogs Wearing Gas Masks During the Two World Wars

ca. 1916-1918 — Gas masks worn by German soldiers and their dogs while on maneuvers in Northern Germany during World War I. | Location: Northern Germany.
German messenger dog wearing doggy gas mask during WWI.
A French sergeant and a dog, both wearing gas masks, on their way to the front line in World War I, France, circa 1915.
French Red Cross dog with gas mask, 1917.
France, 1918, World War I, Health dog wearing a gas mask to protect it from gas fumes.
Parisians walk their gas mask-equipped dogs, 1939.
Two Airedale terriers at Lt. Colonel E. H. Richardson’s canine training camp in Woking, Surrey, during World War II, 16th October 1939. One dog wears a special gas mask and the other carries rations for a wounded soldier.
1939: Three Airedale dogs wearing their special gas masks at a Surrey kennel. They are being trained by Lt Col E. H. Richardson.
German soldiers and scouting dogs training during a gas drill in the Second World War, circa 1939-1945.
(GERMANY OUT) Rescue services Air-raid warden with his dog, both are wearing gas masks 1940
Dog warrior
A soldier and his German Shepherd wear gas masks to protect themselves from chemical warfare.
Dogs in gas masks during WWII
Dog in gas masks during WWII
Dog in gas masks during WWII

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