50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1940s Volume 9

Cool kids at the fountain in Wicker Park, Chicago, 1947.
Man photographing at the parade in Amsterdam with Canadian tanks, 1945.
Girl reading a comic in a Pittsburgh news stand, Pennsylvania, 1947.
Girl looking at nature, 1940s.
Copenhagen, Denmark, 1940s
Entering Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, 1946.
Bad girls of New Mexico, 1942.
Film actress Marlene Dietrich signs autographs for American troops in Germany shortly after victory was declared in 1945.
Girl having her tire changed in Southeast Washington, 1942.
Sunbathers on the sidewalk in the back of Idaho Hall, 1943.
Fashionable man walking with a camera around his neck, 1940s.
Times Square, New York City, 1943
Chicago by night in 1949.
Jewish boy surrenders in Warsaw, 1943.

Den Haag street, Netherlands, in 1941.
Chicago in 1943.
Burro with baskets, Licata, Italy, 1940.
Father and son, Rome, 1948.
A soldier is welcomed home by his wife and baby, 1940s.
Oil Rigs on Signal Hill, California, 1941.
Girls reading newspapers, Paris, 1945.
A sailor strolling with his family, 1940s.
Children in the field, 1940s.
Tree felling contest at the Tillamook County Fair, Oregon, 1941.
Teenage girl in the kitchen, 1940s.
Woman sitting and reading on the beach surrounded by barbed wire, Bournemouth, 1944.
Girl reading and smoking, Arlington Farms, Virginia, 1943.
Simon’s, Los Angeles, 1940.
Shopkeeper in 1949.
Rainy day in Los Angeles, 1940s.
Girl by the lake in 1948.
Walking across a river, 1940s.
Girls washing car, 1942.
Girl at the beach, 1940s.
Portrait of arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife, fashion illustrator Dagmar Cohn, 1947.
German soldiers, 1940s.
Laguna Beach, California, 1941.
Girls in swimsuits with rifles, 1940s.
Dutch children are provided with bread and soup during the Hongerwinter (“Hunger Winter”) famine of 1944-1945.
Fishing contest at the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1940s.
The evolution of swimsuits from the 1900s to 1940s.
Girls walking on Den Haag streets, Netherlands, 1943.
On a Texas beach in 1948.
Baby feeding, 1942.
Somewhere in Alaska, 1940s.
Red Army soldier with a kitten during WWII.
Constance Moore shooting back, 1944.
The pool at the base of the falls, Yosemite National Park, California, 1940.
Track bike with rider, 1948.
Marilyn Monroe, 1948.

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