Young Japanese Women’s Fashion of the Late 1960s

After World War II, the strong influence from the United States caused Japanese ways of dressing to undergo a major transition, and people began to more readily follow the trends from the West. Japanese women were starting to replace the loose-fitting trousers called monpe, required wear for war-related work, with Western-style skirts.

Whilst we’re by no means experts on Far-East female fashion fads from decades gone by there does seem to be a distinctly Japanese twist to these clothes and perhaps a slight lag behind the US and Europe who by ’69 were embracing the whole hippy-chic thing with a vengeance.

These almost seem to have some hippy-esque flowery elements but still focus very much on the whole Sixties A-line cut. A distinct mixture of west meeting east perhaps. But, hey, enough of our bad fashion analysis. Check out some great images from the groovy 1969 Japanese fashion magazine – Young Woman, and you’ll know exactly what we’re trying to say.


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