54 Poignant Photos of the Battle Of The Bulge, 1944-1945

The Battle of the Bulge (16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945) was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during World War II. It was launched through the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in eastern Belgium, northeast France, and Luxembourg, towards the end of World War II. The furthest westContinue reading “54 Poignant Photos of the Battle Of The Bulge, 1944-1945”

The Dieppe Raid, 19 August 1942

Operation Jubilee or the Dieppe Raid (19 August 1942) was an Allied amphibious attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe in northern France, during the Second World War. Over 6,050 infantry, predominantly Canadian, supported by a regiment of tanks, were put ashore from a naval force operating under protection of Royal Air Force (RAF) fighters.Continue reading “The Dieppe Raid, 19 August 1942”